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Re: Sending mail through TOR/Socks


in short Tor is really the wrong tool to send anonymous mails, maybe
mixmaster is want you want.

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, 4non ym0us wrote:

> I don't know if anybody is doing the same thing but I've set up one of
> my personal domains smtp/pop3 emails to use Thunderbird/SOCKS/Tor so
> that the receipients can't pinpoint my IP.
> However, I notice a persistent phenomenon with this setup is that
> receiving emails usually works, but sending mail often fails for no
> apparent reason except the generic message from Tbird that it either
> cannot connect or the smtp server is refusing connections.
> It's highly random, I could send one email and it goes through but the
> next doesn't, within the space of a minute.
> If I did a direct smtp without going through socks/TOR, it will work
> fine. Surfing my personal domain using Firefox through privocy/TOR
> also works.
> I'm guessing that most of the folks running TOR exit servers are
> refusing smtp ports so I'm basically on a random hit/miss whenever tor
> attempts to create a circuit to send the email. But surely TOR should
> realize when trying to create a circuit, it should at least look for
> nodes that are willing to carry the pending packet?
> Anybody has a better clearer idea what could be causing this problem? 
> Thanks!

Florian Reitmeir