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Re: Problems running TOR for an extended period

On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 02:46:07PM +0200, jan.m.danielsson@xxxxxxxxx wrote 3.8K bytes in 96 lines about:
:    Although this wiki is linked to from the TOR site, I am unsure if it
: is an official TOR wiki, so this may be off-topic. I am also not sure if
: the quote above is meant to say "[...] a better OS [for running a TOR
: server]" or "[...] a better OS [period!]". If the latter is intended, I
: suggest someone change it, because I don't feel that a TOR wiki is the
: place for OS advocacy.

	That is the Tor wiki.  Anyone can edit it, therefore content may
	not always be appropriate for all viewers.

	Feel free to edit the wiki to your satisfaction.  You seem to
	understand the issues with your OS better than whomever last edited
	this specific entry.