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Re: Tor / Privoxy for local URLs

Hi Fabian and M -

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful answers.  I noted both of them and used Fabian's with success.  This totally works and I appreciate it.


Fabian Keil wrote:
Steven Colbert <scolbert56@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a machine called twiki - it's running on a machine on my LAN:

When I have Tor and Privoxy enabled, and I try to browse it via
FireFox I get:

        No such domain

    Your request for *http://twiki/* could not be fulfilled, because
the domain name *twiki* could not be resolved.

I am sure that there's a config file I have to edit - can anyone point
in the right direction?

Check the forward section in Privoxy's configuration file
(open http://config.privoxy.org/show-status to get its
location) and add: 

forward         twiki    .

below Tor's socks4(a) line. If this fails, either specify
the IP address or add an entry in your system's hosts file.

You could also use a proxy exception in Firefox
(see M's answer), but it would be browser dependent
and circumvent your whole proxy chain, not only Tor.