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Re: excludenodes

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 01:34:56AM -0400, Marcel wrote:
> I have set ExcludeNodes flyingboy, etc. Then I tried
> ExcludeNodes $75D31DF7F1579F78FF8635107ECE23F1B7CCFE80, etc.
> for my client.
> How can it be i still have flyingboy selected each and every day as entry
> node?  It this a bug, has flyingboy on purpose defeated this feature?
> Just wondering.

Yes, it's a bug. If you choose a node as one of your entry guards,
and later you add it to ExcludeNodes, then it won't be thrown out.

It's on the todo list.

(We didn't pay it much mind, because we don't use ExcludeNodes, and
we're thinking of de-emphasizing it even more. Letting users play with
their routes on a wide scale is probably bad for their anonymity, and
definitely bad for load balancing across servers.)