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Re: Problem logging out of yahoo mail over Tor

Thanks a lot, I'll try this out!

icmp30 wrote:
--- Steve Southam <ssoutham@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


When I logout of my yahoo mail account using Tor it jumps back to
the same page. I'm using firefox with Tor (package, not
compiling) on Vista.  When I toggle torbutton I can logout OK.
Any ideas?


Try adding these lines to your Privoxy default.action file - one of
them should fix your problem.

  ===== begin ======
{ -crunch-all-cookies -filter -fast-redirects -hide-referer
-kill-popups -prevent-compression }


{+fast-redirects{check-decoded-url} -block}
  ===== end ======

I don't remember ever having a problem logging out of Yahoo using a browser with javascript disabled. I did have a problem using Firefox with everything enabled... I think it was the .yahoo.com/.*done=http
that fixed the logout problem - but I'm not sure so I included all of
my privoxy rules for yahoo.

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