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Re: What happens when I shut down my Tor-server?

     On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 16:26:23 -0500 (CDT) I wrote:
>     On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 20:49:24 +0200 "Alexander W. Janssen"
><alexander.janssen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>for maintenance-reasons I had to shut down my server today. However,
>>after shutting down the server I realized that there's still much
>>traffic, although shutdown was 30 minutes ago.
>>So, does the server tell it's peers that it's going down? Does it
>>deregister? Or is that stray-traffic?
>     From the man page:
>       Tor catches the following signals:
>       SIGTERM
>              Tor will catch this, clean up and sync to disk if necessary, and
>              exit.
>       SIGINT Tor clients behave as with SIGTERM; but Tor servers  will  do  a
>              controlled  slow shutdown, closing listeners and waiting 30 sec-
>              onds before exiting.  (The delay  can  be  configured  with  the
>              ShutdownWaitLength config option.)
>Skipping your questions, I pose the following ones.
>	1) Which signal did you send tor to get it to shut down?
>	2) If SIGINT, had ShutdownDelay seconds passed within the 30-minute
                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I guess I can't read either.  Should
                                        have read "ShutdownWaitLength".  Sigh.

>	   period to which you referred?
>	3) Are there other network applications running on the same computer
>	   to which some/all of the traffic you claim to see could be
>	   attributed?

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