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Re: What happens when I shut down my Tor-server?

On Sat, Jul 14, 2007 at 08:49:24PM +0200, Alexander W. Janssen wrote:
> for maintenance-reasons I had to shut down my server today. However,
> after shutting down the server I realized that there's still much
> traffic, although shutdown was 30 minutes ago.
> So, does the server tell it's peers that it's going down? Does it
> deregister? Or is that stray-traffic?

You'll have to define "traffic" for us.

Do you mean incoming TCP connections that are trying to get to your
server? If so, then yes, there are still a few hundred thousand Tor
users out there who might try to build a circuit that includes you;
it will be several hours until that begins to taper off.

Do you mean actual bytes carried back and forth by your Tor server? If
so, perhaps you have a different definition of "shut down" than I do? :)