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Re: magic Wednesday

I've seen the same effect here since some months ago. Every 24 hours i
get off-listed from every directory server lists followed by
usage/traffic going down like you describe here. As a result of not
beeing found by other routers/clients.

I've talked to the devs some time ago, but they didn't had a clue.

You may want to check, if you were off-listed too at that specific



Am Donnerstag, den 12.07.2007, 20:22 +0200 schrieb Olaf Selke:
> hi all,
> I'm looking for an explanation of a strange phenomena showing my OR's
> traffic stats since weeks. Every night at about midnight local time,
> which is GMT+2, the bandwidth utilization is dropping down to about 30%
> peak value. This happens every day of the week besides the night from
> Wednesday to Thursday. This special night the bandwidth utilization
> doesn't vary. Attached you'll find the traffic and cpu load stats for
> the last week as well as for the last four weeks. I don't think it's
> related to the provider's IP network, peerings or upstreams. It really
> looks like a behavior of TOR itself.
> Are there any explanations around? Maybe some conspiracy theories? ;-)
> regards, Olaf
BlueStar88 <BlueStar88@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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