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Reminder: Tor 0.1.0.x and earlier will stop working in August.

Hi, all.  This is a two-weeks reminder that the v1 directory system,
which was used by versions of Tor earlier than 0.1.1.x, will start to
shut down some time in August.  Right now, I'm planning on the
beginning of August, but I could be persuaded to wait for the end of
August if there's some pressing need.

The reasons for dropping support are:
  - 0.1.0.x is obsolete and very insecure.
  - The v1 directory protocol uses an obscenely large amount of
    bandwidth that could be put to better use.

If you're running a tool that uses v1 directories, you need to update
it too, or it will stop working.

This is a reminder; the original announcement was back on May 31.  I
received no objections then, so as far as I know, everybody is still
okay with this.  Please let me know if I'm wrong.

For reference, the original announcement was here:

Nick Mathewson

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