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Re: Blocking child pornography exits

     On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 03:03:40 -0400 "Ron Wireman" <ronwireman@xxxxxxxxx>

>Why doesn't the EFF implement an option like 'no_exit_cp="YES"' for
>server configurations that would allow people to block child
>pornography?  I wish to run a tor exit node but, having been molested

     Surely you jest!  It is not a function of the tor project to periodically
search and evaluate the entire worldwide web to maintain a data base of sites
that do not meet your requirements.  If there are sites for which you wish to
deny exit service, then you are welcome to put them into your ExitPolicy
statements in your torrc file yourself.  That's why the ExitPolicy statement
exists, i.e., so that you can establish your own exit policy.

>as a child, will not do so until such a feature exists.

     No hay de que. :-)

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