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Re: Tor takes too much RAM

On Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 10:35:56AM +0200, Olaf Selke wrote:
> > Yes, my directory authorities are using way too much ram too. It appears
> > that we introduced something bad in 0.1.2.x that wasn't present in
> > 0.1.1.x.
> > 
> today I noticed that according the FAQ tor needs 768 MB ram each 10 Mbps
> bandwidth :-)

No, this is not true. At least, it wasn't true for 0.1.1.x. Some kind
soul appears to have modified the FAQ to report the current situation,
rather than bugging anybody about the problems. :)

A few months ago we had plenty of people running at 30Mbps+ using 200M
or 300M of memory, back when 0.1.1.x was the recommended stable.

You might try downgrading to briefly, and see how it compares
to the current situation.

Fun fun,