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Re: cached-routers by e-mail please

On 7/27/07, Colin <michkol@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Download http://rapidshare.com/files/45347171/cached-status.zip and
> extract it to your .tor/cached-status/ directory.

With this I seem to have a compatibility problem due
to different versions:

Jul 27 15:10:18.313 [warn] parse error: Malformed object: bad begin line
Jul 27 15:10:18.313 [warn] Error tokenizing network-status header.
Jul 27 15:10:18.314 [warn] Couldn't parse network status.
Jul 27 15:10:18.314 [warn] Couldn't load networkstatus from

I tried tor0.1.2.13 and tor0.1.2.4-alpha, the only versions
I have here (and can access at the moment ;-()
- Dago