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Re: Traffic routed through Sweden

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M wrote:
> First of all, some informationa about the situation:
> http://frapedia.se/wiki/Information_in_English
> I'm running two nodes in Finland, very restricted exit poliecies
> (googles ip's, scroogle, https, pops and imaps allowed).
> Circa 90% of traffic originating from Finland and going outside of
> Finland is routed through Sweden (that bites a lot).
> As Swedish FRA is listening, logging, building "sosiograms" and trying
> to decrypt all traffic going through their borders should I be worried
> about my exit nodes? Should I do something about exit-policies?
> Encryption does protect the data but it does not protect from tracking
> who is in connection with who. As I run exit-nodes that routes traffic
> about 2Mb/s/2Mb/s - 10Mb/s/10Mb/s and 4Mb/s/4Mb/s I'm getting my fair
> share of tor's traffic. So.. FRA is building a nice file of my ip and
> thinks that everything coming from tor is really traffic originated by me.
> M
> ps: as always, sorry for my bad "fenno-english".
Obviously, Tor Exit Node operators will always be targeted or suspected
of things they are not. This Swedish thing isn't anything to worry about
in my opinion, or at least you don't need to be worried more than you
were previously. As long as we don't have a lot of exit nodes, or
middleman nodes, especially middleman nodes, in Sweden I think
everything should be fine. If you are ever harassed by authorities, be
sure to let everybody know, be loud, and raise some hell over it. (And
let me know personally, I'd love to help)
Comrade Ringo Kamens
Binary Freedom Boston
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