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(Windows) does e-mail scanning with AVG Free work for all unsecured mails going through Tor?

Hi there,

when I have my Tor server active as an exit node, and mail ports are allowed in exit policies, I often see the notification balloons of my "AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition" popping up, briefing me about e-mails currently being scanned and connections to servers I don't know or use, while no mail software (and most probably no malware) is running on my machine.

I guess these must be POP and SMTP connections exiting my Tor node, that are catched by AVG's "AutoPOP3" and "AutoSMTP" e-mail scanners. I wonder if this really works! I wouldn't mind if it did, because I do not experience any problems when AVG suddenly jumps into action. There certainly is some CPU usage, but it is negligible, so this could be considered as an extra feature or "special service" of mine.

Note: AVG can remove infected attachments, and it can modify the subject noticable when a virus is found. It also can put a certification info at the end of the mail text, and it will always add a "X-Antivirus:"-Header.

According to the settings, the scanners use port 10110 for POP3, and 10025 for SMTP, but somehow they catch all traffic on standard ports 110 and 25.