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Re: locating hidden services

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As long as you don't submit your hidden service to any wikis and it's
not linked to from anywhere, nobody will be able to find out about it.
Comrade Ringo Kamens
nobledark@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi again,
> Learning about hidden services - what are the methods (if any) for 
> Tor users to locate a hidden service? Is there a way to search for 
> them, get the info from the directory servers, etc? 
> Say for example that I have a web server running as a hidden 
> service and I only want people from a certain group to be able to 
> locate/access that server. Authentication has already been 
> addressed on the server but I don't want users who are not part of 
> that group to "bang" on my hidden service with a bunch of bogus 
> login requests.
> In the past, I've used port knocking/SPA to address this issue but 
> I'm not exactly sure how that would work out in a Tor/Hidden 
> Service environment - anyone have any experience along those lines? 
> Any other information or advice?
> Thanks as always - nD   
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