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Discarding RendNodes configuration option?

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Hi everybody,

Because the configuration option to prefer certain relays as rendezvous
node during hidden service access is ignored, Roger, Steven, Karsten,
and I think about removing it.

We assume that the option is actually not used by anyone and therefore
it makes more sense to discard it instead of fixing it, which might
result in a number of new problems.

But since we cannot guarantee that nobody needs the option, we decided
to ask on the list. So please raise an objection, if you do not agree
with us.

A more detailed description of the bug can be found as task #754 in the
bug tracker.[1] Summarized the bug appeared when cannibalization was
introduced in version and rendezvous circuits were not built
completely from scratch anymore, but constructed by using pre-built
3-hop circuits.

If we discard the option, we will of course mark it as obsolete, so that
anybody using it anyways is notified.

- -- Chris

[1] https://bugs.torproject.org/flyspray/index.php?do=details&id=754
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