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Exit node connection statistics


I don't know if somebody did this before, but I think it is quite interesting, to which hosts most of the exit connections go to. So I set up a statistics script creating a list of the top 100 hosts each day to which Tor users connect to over my node (only for ports 80 and 443).

Besides just being interesting, this can also show potential security problems on the top hosts which are being exploited over Tor. For example, during the last weeks rapleaf.com was always at the top, and they keep a huge email-address database. This is probably no incident.

The log data necessary for this is being deleted after one day not to compromise the anonymity of the users.

I decided to make this accessible through a hidden service only, since I don't want to influence the exit node usage behaviour. This is the address:


If you think this is a stupid idea or you have ideas for other interesting stats and for any other comment you can reach me by mplsfox02_AT_sneakemail_DOT_com. I don't know how long I will stay subscribed with or-talk, since I just wanted to seed the information. Spread it as you like.


a Tor exit node operator.