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Re: email hidden service

On Monday 14 July 2008 11:07:16 Dawney Smith wrote:
> Karsten N. wrote:
> >> Are there any hidden service email services in existance?
> >
> > Yes:
> >
> >    http://w6kb72k2phin5grc.onion/  (Onion Boxes, Etc)
> >    http://shells3nfdn3zk5h.onion/  (shells.onion)
> Thanks for the information. Out of interest, how did shells.onion manage
> to get a .onion address that starts "shells" ? That can't just be a
> coincidence surely?

shallot: http://hangman5naigg7rr.onion/

which is unfortunately down for maintenance at the moment. And the tarball 
appears unavailable elsewhere. I can send you a copy if you're curious though. 
Just mail me directly.

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