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Re: Practical advice regarding Beijing Olympics and Tor ?

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 01:24:21AM +0100, torist@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.0K bytes in 29 lines about:
: 1) Is Hong Kong's internet infrastructure also being subjected to 
: the same level of extra state control during the Olympics ?

As someone else states, Hong Kong isn't behind the Great Firewall of

: 2) Is it possible to download the Tor/Vidalia bundle safely within 
: China ? Are the usual main distribution websites blocked ? Do you 
: have to try to smuggle it in across the border ?

The non-ssl websites with torproject.org in them are blocked.  The Tor
Browser Bundle can be put on a usb key easily.  There are many ways to
get Tor outside of https access, https://www.torproject.org/finding-tor

: 3) Is it unsafe to let your Tor client connect to any Tor 
: directory,  entry or exit nodes within China itself, once you are 
: physically in the country ?

To my knowledge, tor nodes are not blocked in China.  

: 5) What is the best practical way, right now, to avoid making  
: connections to Tor directory , entry  or exit nodes physically 
: within China ? 

Have someone run a bridge or ten for you, have those IPs and ports with
you as you travel.