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Re: Practical advice regarding Beijing Olympics and Tor ?


Does anyone have any practical advice for visitors to the Beijing
Olympics next month, regarding the use of Tor ?

There are reports of all kinds of security clampdowns, specifically
on the Chinese internet infrastructure  e.g.

China: Locking down IDC server rooms for the Olympics

They are locking down _physical_ access to the servers, they don't switch them off. But this might be a preparation for a "harmonization" during the games. Also Chinese people are surprised by this, as you can read at the end of the article.

2) Is it possible to download the Tor/Vidalia bundle safely within
China ? Are the usual main distribution websites blocked ? Do you
have to try to smuggle it in across the border ?

3) Is it unsafe to let your Tor client connect to any Tor
directory,  entry or exit nodes within China itself, once you are
physically in the country ?

5) What is the best practical way, right now, to avoid making
connections to Tor directory , entry  or exit nodes physically
within China ?

A Chinese friend of mine told me, Tor is quite common in China in order to circumvent the Great Firewall. (Interestingly he didn't care about anonymity at all, just access.) So it worked at least until recently. There has been a report that Tor has been blocked, but it seems not to be true:

If you want to be on the safe side, bring Tor on your USB stick and find out a non-listed bridge IP.

OpenVPN works as well.