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Re: Mixed pages - serious bug of tor

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 02:30:25AM +0200, slush wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> More information:
> I tried to repeat this bug (really sorry for all relays operators).
> I found that this part of python code breaks connection of standalone
> browser.

Since this is getting discussed on IRC, and or-talk, and other email,
I think we should start collecting all the info we have in one place.
This bug is now on the bugtracker as bug 779, at

I've got some speculations about possible causes written there, but no
hard conclusions yet.  This doesn't look like it will be an easy one
to track down, but here's some stuff that would help:

  - Debug-level logs of the error occurring.  Obviously, these need to
    be logs that start _before_ the data gets messed up.

  - The actual content of a page or file corrupted in this way.
    Screenshots are not as helpful, since it's not so easy to analyze
    what the corruption actually _is_ at the byte level once a browser is
    done rendering it.

Without more data, Roger thinks our best bet would be getting a good
test network working here so that we can reproduce the bug at an exit
node under our control and see what's happening there.  I think that
our best option (again, assuming that nobody comes through with more
data) is to look through the code until we find something that would
explain the bug.  I have a possible lead, but not a thorough enough
etiology to be sure that it's the _right_ lead.