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Re: Traffic routed through Sweden

> I expect my automobile vendor and my car mechanic to guarantee my
> safety while I know little more about cars than how to check the
> tyres' pressure.  I expect the people who built the bridges in my area
> to guarantee that they won't fall down without me needing to know much
> about statics.  And I expect to be able to go from Calais to Dover by
> ferry without knowing anything about ship buidling.

Perhaps slightly off of topic and ... how to say?, a bit for fun^2:

    It is an unexplainable paradox that one of the most lyrical and lucid
    buildings of Le Corbusier's Indian career [Roy, IMPORTANT: notice that
    Le Corbusier--a guy which, for a start, lived one or two galaxies
    apart compared with most readers of the list here, myself included of
    course--was not a young/beginning architect longer when he worked in
    India], the Millowners' Association Building in Ahmedabad [Roy: 1951-54,
    when Le Corbusier was 60+], has remained largely unoccupied for almost
    half a century.


    The most plausible reason for its abandonment is that for all his concern
    for the essential qualities of the Indian culture and climate, Le
    Corbusier grossly underestimated the intensity of the monsoon season.
As a
    result, the upper part of the building was too exposed to permit its use
    during the rainy season. This shortcoming was also evident, to varying
    degrees, in his other buildings in India. Etc. ... ^1

*Moral* [borrowing from Aesop ... from the amanuenses, well]: --

[read: '--' = no moral]

> I cannot but strongly disagree with that notion.

Me too.


/Roy Lanek

     1. Kenneth Frampton, Le Corbusier, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers,
2002 NY

     2. With reference the "automobile vendor"s and "car mechanic"s [with
whom I have nothing to do but using such examples should be forbidden--keep
readinge] and my quoting on Le Corbusier from above ... joke:

    An elephant is walking through the jungle when she gets a thorn in her
    foot. She is in absolute agony until an ant strolls by. So the elephant
    says, "Help me, help me." But the ant refuses unless the elephants agrees
    to let the ant have his wicked way with her. Replies the elephant,
    "Anything! Anything!" So, out comes the thorn and up gets the ant and
    proceeds to enjoy himself. Meanwhile, in a tree directly above them,
    a monkey, who witnessed the whole episode, was in knots of laughter.
    Consequently he fell out of the tree on top of the elephant. Says the
    elephant: "Ouch!" Says the ant, in his own little frenzy: "Suffer BITCH,

    [see Canonical List Of Elephant Jokes,

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