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Re: [OT] base64 messages

2008/7/22 Drake Wilson <drake@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Quoth Scott Bennett <bennett@xxxxxxxxxx>, on 2008-07-21 23:49:16 -0500:
>> >PiBUb3IgaXNuJ3QgdGhlIHJpZ2h0IHBsYWNlIHRvIGJlIG1hbmdsaW5nIGFwcGxpY2F0aW9uIHBy
>>      Is there some good reason for posting crap like the above to this list?
> That would be << Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 >> in action.  This
> is kind of interesting, though off-topic; is GMail starting to send
> these out consistently?  I've only mostly seen it used for S/MIME.

Sorry, I don't know what happened to my message. I did write normal
text, but seems GMail sent it base64 encoded as you just said.

Maybe my name triggering UTF-8, mixed with other encondings (coming
from previous mails on the thread) made GMail decide to just base64
everything and "problem solved"?

Because other than that, I sent the e-mail like all the e-mails I've
sent in the last years. and I'm a member of other mailing lists, and
this never happened to me before.