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Re: FYI: router BillyGoat is offline

Why not setup a middleman node instead of taking it offline?
That would still help the Tor network.


> So some ass thought it would be great to spam from my node, because today
> I
> got a complaint about abuse.
> The node "BillyGoat" (FP: 12b9b187422b2a7752f861aa0b86e4d99fa88dc0) has
> been
> taken offline because of this.  I'm not going to argue with my hosting
> company as they support my websites, and I like having them.  I gave them
> the informational lecture about Tor and how it helps people, but they only
> care about the abuse.  Further more, the people on the other end of the
> phone don't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.  This is the second
> time this has happened within a week of firing up a Tor server, and now I
> remember why I do not like running a exit node.
> Consider this just a FYI, router BillyGoat is down and will not be back
> online.
> Best regards,
> Kyle