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Re: 25 tbreg relays in directory

Niels Elgaard Larsen wrote:
> I run an TOR-access-point. Users have no way of upgrading TOR on it. They probably do not
> even know that they are using TOR. If I fail to upgrade the access-point at we lock it
> out, the users loose the internet connection. And the users are not that anonymous anyway.
> The wireless traffic is not through TOR.

I don't think that redirecting traffic of unsuspecting users through Tor
is wise. Using TOR will make things less secure / anonymous for the
people using your wireless AP.

People using an open, unencrypted, AP can have their traffic sniffed by:
- other people nearby
- AP owner
- ISP of the AP owner
- government
- ... (depends on the destination)
When sending the traffic over TOR, it can also be monitored by:
- exit node operators (some owned by crackers / government agencies)
- ISPs of exit node operators
- governments of exit node operators

Since the AP user doesn't know he's using TOR, he will probably transmit
information that shows his identity. He may end up on a government watch
list, because they know that all TOR users are potential child
pornographers / terrorists.