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Re: TOR Exit via [Squid, other]

     On Sat, 4 Jul 2009 04:27:12 -0400 grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx>
>The adventurous could try redirecting outbound
>port 25 to their local dspam app, sinking or even
>bouncing the chaff and sending the wheat on out
>to the net. The wheat will always contain 'good'
>and 'bad' content of course. No more 'rewarding'
>or 'risky' than the same content posted to webforums,
>social messaging, web feedback forms, etc. And no
>more annoying than the users current ISP that
>filters 'spam'.
     Of course, as soon as someone among us noticed and reported such
behavior, the filtering exit would get a BadExit flag from the authorities.
     Either you accept or you reject exits.  You don't interfere with traffic
for the ones you accept.  That is the rule.  Violators are bad exits and get
flagged as such.

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