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concerning tor bug report #1026

     I submitted tor bug report #1026 via Jon <scream@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
who volunteered to post it to bugs.torproject.org for me because that web
site refuses to log me in.  (Should I write up a bug report on that, too?)
The report has since accumulated two comments, one on Saturday by Karsten
Loesing and one on Monday by Roger Dingledine.  I address their comments
here because I am unable to do so on the web site.
     Karsten and Roger, there seems to be some confusion over the way the
bug report is listed in its indexed information.  I do not know why it is
listed as a tor client bug when it clearly should be listed as a tor
relay (a.k.a. "server") bug (likewise for #996).  I cannot account either
for the severity and priority rankings for either #1026 or #996.  The
version in the title of #1026 ( is the correct version for
which the symptoms are being reported, not as shown in the
indexed information as the "Reported Version".
     I would like to reiterate that the bug is not a bug in the authority
functions of tor, but rather a bug in the relay descriptor-updating
functions of tor.  Nothing but the date+timestamp was changed in the new
descriptor update sent to the authorities, but it was sent much earlier
than the normal time for the ~18-hourly update, so the relay *SHOULD NOT*
have sent the update in the first place.  That is the whole point.
     Please feel free to copy the above information into the comments area
for bug report #1026.
     Thank you.

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