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Re: TorButton Question

Thus spake Ringo (2600denver@xxxxxxxxx):

> Hey all,
> Sorry I've been posting so much to the list lately, I've been working a
> lot with Tor.
> One thing I notice is that Torbutton sets no proxy for ftp/gopher. Is
> there any particular reason it doesn't tell firefox that privoxy handles
> this (which would just kill the connection). It seems to me like this
> could break a user's anonymity, but I assume that there's a reason it's
> like this. Can somebody explain this?

This is because Firefox will use the SOCKS proxy rule for these
protocols. If you set then to be handled by privoxy, it just refuses
to work. Firefox's SOCKS proxy at least makes an attempt (but then
fails due to either a bug in Firefox or Tor).

I have not tried a gopher server yet, though.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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