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Hidden Service Weirdness

Hey Tor,

I've been hard at work on my hidden service LAMP setup guide. I've run
into a snag and I'm not exactly sure what's going on here.

On my setup, I have a guest machine running in Qemu (ubuntu server) with
LAMP. I have set up and installed drupal and wordpress successfully from
 localhost, but when I access wordpress externally something weird happens.

My Torrc tells Tor to forward traffic to localhost:5022. In turn, Qemu
passes port 5022 traffic to the guest OS on port 80. When I visit drupal
on the site through the hidden service URL, everything works as expected
and my browser thinks everything is happening on port 80. When I visit
the wordpress directory, I get a timeout and Firefox tries to go through
port 5022. (Privoxy was unable to socks4a-forward your request
http://xxxxxxxxxxxx.onion:5022/wordpress/  through
SOCKS request rejected or failed.) My guest OS should not know about the
host OS or what port it's forwarding on (in fact I think it sees the
traffic as coming from 10.0.something.something), so I'm baffled as to
what could be occurring. Here's the line I invoke qemu with:

qemu -hda /blah/blah/blah.disk -m 128 -name TorServer --no-acpi --redir

I'll be posting the onion URL soon and then people are free to try and
hack the server all they want ; )

Any ideas?