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Re: secret_id_key

Scott Bennett schrieb:
>      On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 01:56:18 -0400 Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> This is a special case of another bug I've been working on:
>> http://archives.seul.org/or/cvs/Apr-2009/msg00074.html
>> which is that the longer you've been a guard, the more clients you
>> attract, and new guards have almost no clients. That's fixed in Tor
>      Did the client code really look at the uptime of guards?  Or do you
> just mean that clients that have been running for a long time still have
> connections to nodes that had guard flags at the time the clients were
> initialized?


And is restarting tor the only way getting rid of the guard flag?

cheers Olaf