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Re: Newbie needs help

On 07/24/2009 08:44 AM, Bob Williams wrote:
> Ah ha! A quick look around this openSUSE linux system reveals /etc/rc.d/tor 
> and that accepts the 'stop' option. It tells me that 'tor apparently not 
> running (no pid file)'.

My advice is to start over with Tor, and not use the rpms that come with
opensuse repositories.

You could stop/kill tor, uninstall the tor rpm you have now and remove

Download the opensuse rpm from https://www.torproject.org/download-unix.
 Install, and then "sudo /etc/init.d/tor start" and everything should
work by default with Tor.

If you have torbutton in firefox, click it to "Tor Enabled".  Privoxy
should already be running and then you can test check.torproject.org to
see if you're using tor successfully.

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
pgp 0x31B0974B

Website: https://torproject.org/
Blog: https://blog.torproject.org/
Identica/Twitter: torproject