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VoIP telephony building like Tor

There is a very strong control over telephony in many countries. Many
counties intend to make this control more and more stronger.
In the Russia, when I live, for example the Putin's and Medvedev's
bloody dictatorial regim now intend to ban VoIP telephony:
Besides, there is no effective open source system of VoIP telepony which
let people freely talk and connect by chat and sending-receiving files
between each other without any control from Governments, companies etc.,
maintaining anonimity and encryption of communication at the same time.
We have only the skype but it is propietary soft belonging to a private
company aiming only gain profit not maintaining anonimity and
independence people's contacting from Governments etc.
As knows this company lets the Chineese authorities to know about
conversations between Chineese. So they can provide confidential
information about users any other Government.
But I think that their protocol is very intresting  becouse the skype
network building on a peer-to-peer model, that user directory will be
entirelyentralized and distributed among the nodes in the network, and use
encrypted connection insluding connetion with the exit node when making
calls to ordinary telephone.
Maybe I am not quite right, but this network system seems to me looking
like the Tor network.
I think that building such system based on open sources, maintaining by
open source community will protect anonymity and privacy of people and
independence each of us from goverments, corporations etc. control,
becouse we will be able to call each other without any state or
corporate control over our telephone calls.

I think that it will be very good  to include in the Tor project 
creatings and maintaining such VoIP telephone system or doing this  as
an independent project concurrently of the To r project.
Or including in the Tor project  simply maintaining  UDP -connections
that may let  using SIP  and etc. protocols through the Tor.