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Fwd: Uninstalling problems

This time with correct or-talk address ;-)

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From: Christian Fromme <kaner@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 1:22 PM
Subject: Re: Uninstalling problems
To: Jason Enthonius <eagle_granger@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jason,

I am taking this from tor-ops to or-talk since it's the more
appropriate mailing list for usage problems. Please make sure to add
the or-talk mailing list on Cc: in your replies. Thanks!

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 12:41 PM, Jason
Enthonius<eagle_granger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello, to answer your questions, here are my answers,
> 1. I'm using Windows XP SP2
> 2. The browsers I'm using are IE8 & Firefox 3.5.1
> 3. With the Firefox settings got a new interface, it's a little harder to
> find. And another problem is I'm a noob to such kinds of problems. Been
> googling around for answers but can't seem to find them.
> I even tried erasing any traces of tor, privoxy & vidalia in the registry,
> but it's not completely cured yet. Sorry for such problems to happen, I may
> had read the warnings from your website, but sometimes it's not
> user-friendly enough for me to understand completely until I experience
> it or it doesn't mentions any slow downs may happen including connection
> time-outs.

My guess from what your symptoms are is that your Java/JavaScript
setting are somewhat screwed up due to Tor. Maybe you can elaborate a
bit more about what error messages you get etc. so we can make a
better guess what the problem might be.

In Firefox 2, the settings for Java/JavaScript can be changed as follows:

This might have changed in Firefox 3, maybe someone else can step up
and tell us how to change those in FF3?


p.s.: Jason's original mail is here:

"I may had followed your uninstalling process, but the real problem
is, your TOR had caused my connection to go haywire and certain
websites are causing their Javas to unable to read properly AND
webpages cannot be loaded completely. Even after uninstalling, the
connection still goes haywire and I'm unable to fix it as though like
reformatting may be the last answer to go for. Here are the following
websites which TOR causes it to haywire :

1. Deviantart
2. Hotmail
3. Nickelodeon (Official US site)"