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Re: what is best - speed or stability?

monitor wrote:
> I run my relay on a VPS with limited bandwidth, so have set it to 
> hibernate every day after 1Gb usage.
> When I set my RelayBandwithRate to 50kb, this means my relay is running 
> for 12-16 hours per day.

It's running longer longer than I would have expected. That may be
because it takes a while for the clients to find out that your relay got
out of hibernation.

> If I set it to 25kb, it runs all day - and switching off hibernation 
> becomes possible.

When the relay is available all day, it's likely that it will
permanently run at the set RelayBandwithRate (that's what happens with
my relays).
If you're not running a directory mirror, your relay will send and
receive about 2 GiB each day (4 GiB total).

> Which is the most useful option? Longer availability at a slower rate, 
> or limited availability at a higher rate?

Someone else may have the answer to that.