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HSDir relays over 10% of total at last!

     I think it was over a year ago that I noted that the counts of HSDir
relays was dangerously close to the minimum of six for the new hidden service
protocol to work properly.  At the time, I posted instructions, which have
been obviated for many months now in the "unstable" branch of tor, on what
to add to torrc to get one's relay to begin operating as a HSDir server.
I also suggested that an initial target of the fraction of the total relay
population to have providing HSDir service for both reliability and
performance might be 10%.
     This morning, for the first time since I posted that message, I have
now seen the HSDir relay count exceed 10% of the total.  The page at
torstatus.kgprog.com this morning says in its summary box near the bottom,

	Total Number of Routers:		1711	100%
	Routers in Current Query Result Set:	187	10.93%
	Total Number of HSDir Routers:		187	10.93%

To me this is very good news!  And it should only continue to get better
as more and more people migrate from 0.1.x.x and 0.2.0.x to
and later versions of tor.  (Please do NOT take that as a recommendation
to switch to anything but a current version.  I list because
that version, IIRC, was the first version to default to running as a HSDir
relay when run in relay mode.)

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