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Re: Newcomer - Want only act as server between servers

Scott Bennett wrote:
>      On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 19:53:11 +0200 "Bernd Schmelter"


>      BTW, something you wrote earlier worries me a bit.  You wrote
> that you only want your node to operate as a middle node.  You can
> prevent it from providing exit service, as you have done with your
> ExitPolicy statement, but I am not aware of any way to prevent it
> from being an entry node.  You should be aware that clients *will*
> connect to its ORPort and that it will respond accordingly.  Because

I've learned more about tor in last days and  say: let the clients come. ;-)

> it is not an exit node, it should receive a Guard flag from the
> authorities after it has been up for a few days.  Once it has a
> Guard flag, it will receive much higher numbers of connections from
> clients.  All such connections will be encrypted, however, and
> should not be a cause for concern.  To an outside observer, such
> connections really are not readily distinguishable from router-to-
> router connections.

Ok, thank you for information. I will run the server, as it is now.

with regards