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Re: Sending CREATE and CREATED cells

Any comments?

2010/6/29 ilter yÃksel <ilteryuksel@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I asked this question also on #tor but it's not answered yet.
> I'm looking debug logs of my relays and i realized that
> onionskin_answer() method is called so more than
> circuit_deliver_create_cell(). For example when i look debug logs now,
> one of them is called 2334 times and the other one 120 times. I
> couldn't understand how it can be possible. Could you help me to
> comment this situation?
> As far as i understood onionskin_answer() method is using to send
> "CREATED" cell to previous hop, and circuit_deliver_create_cell() is
> using to send "CREATE" cell to next hop. So i think that their calling
> times should be same. Could you say where is my mistake?
> Thanks in advance.
> ilter
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