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Encrypt for browsing

If I use Tor on the Spider's Web I was cautioned that I need to take measures to encrypt it. So, using the Tor Browser Bundle from a USB volume, how does one go about encrypting? And what does one encrypt?
The first question I had that was answered was that I could simply look at the URL and add an "s" to http. Thanks to Runa. So, since I have to do a lot of assuming, this would be before clicking or hitting return for going there. Duh, right? But, then what happens if it is changed back to http without an "s"? Does this mean that particular site doesn't do httpS and my anonymity has been compromised?
I think the first part is correct, that the site doesn't, but I'm not sure about anonymity.
Maybe, my question should be, more exactly,  what is it I am to encrypt and how do I do that?
Am I to encrypt the USB drive, the OS, which I cannot do at an internet cafe. I have to do all my web stuff at internet cafes now, because personal internet service here is very poor. Plus, if I use Tor for that (the regular Spiders Web), which I really haven't done, then I am able to access some regular, normal sites that are blocked. They block many here and for the vast amounts of research that I do, and I do a lot of it, I need Tor just to get my work done in a reasonable amount of time as far as finding information.
You'd be surprised at what is blocked. Well, maybe  you wouldn't. Some is so trivial, or seems that way, but to someone, somewhere, and somewhere in their reptilian brain, they are lacking cells to think critically with. They teach drawing here only one way. Can you imagine? There is only one way to draw the human head, eyes, etc. It's frustratingly interesting, dumbing and numbing in the overall, long-term effects. I didn't know we all look like that, but we do!
Also, if I'm not worried about losing too much functionality by using NoScript, is it possible to put NoScript into the Tor Browser Bundle with Firefox? Does it attach itself to Firefox like a leech? You know what I mean, I hope. :)
You people are just so brilliant, understanding this stuff. You all must have come from another planet, but I, crawled. This I am sure of.