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Re: Torbutton Documentation - Adversary Capabilities.

On 15/07/10 08:21, Mike Perry wrote:
Thus spake Matthew (pumpkin@xxxxxxxxx):

  So to go back to the OP's question (my question)....what do people think
of my questions about JavaScript being able to obtain non-Tor IPs when
wiping the cache?
If you are also restarting the browser, or closing all windows, you
are probably safe from most direct javascript attack vectors. The main
danger is in leaving pages open after changing proxy settings. Then
direct unmasking is possible. Identifiers can be stored in the page
javascript itself.

Thanks for the information about fingerprinting.

Yes, I close the browser, wipe the cache, and all cookie, history, download files, then restart and remove the proxy settings. I will start to use Torbutton however!

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