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Re: Server networking 101 - lack of documentation

 Am 23.07.2010 16:27, schrieb Olivier C:
> For example, I cannot visualize how my VPN and Tor would co-exist. My
> understanding of ports, reverse DNS or internal tunneling is rather
> fuzzy.
Your VPN and Tor do not have anything to do with each other. They are
completely different services, doing their own networking. So to connect
from outside, you don't need VPN. Just use your server's SOCKS port
(9000) and maybe polipo. Or let polipo forward SOCKS  to your server.
/usr/share/doc/polipo should contain a short HOWTO.
Just for a quick glimpse: any internal networking on the same physical
machine is done via the loopback interface. It's handled exactly like a
physical interface, so you can connect to the same way as to
any other machine. That's actually "how different services coexist" on
your server and everywhere else. No real need to get deeper into details
for this, but you might find some more here:

Details to the basic protocol behind Tor (Socks, RFC 1928):
Forwarding of VPN connections to  Tor (not really necessary, but in-deep
documentation of port-forwarding)

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