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Re: [tor-talk] Downloading Firefox add-ons trough Tor. Safe?

On 07/22/11 08:14, Achter Lieber wrote:
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> 07/10/11 08:55 PM To: tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject:
> [tor-talk] Downloading Firefox add-ons trough Tor. Safe?
> I'm having a laptop that is Tor only, so it never connects to the
> internet without going trough Tor. Someone wrote that malicious Tor
> exit nodes may modify your downloads. So when I need to install the
> recommended plug-ins for Firefox, like TorButton and NoScript, and I
> do that trough the Tor network, is that safe? Thanks for help! :)

Given the add-ons are updated via SSL, it is reasonably safe as long as
you check your certs for possible MIM attack using a "low integrity" CA.

Some folks will delete all of the authorities distributed with Firefox
and Thunderbird, and then add certs one at a time - validating each.
This is pretty easy with Thunderbird (only a few mail accounts); a PITA
for FF.

Another promising - not perfected for TB - way is using Certificate
Patrol. It will popup and warn you if the cert (e.g. for
https//addons.mozilla.org) has mysteriously changed.


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