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Re: [tor-talk] Separate Tors for Communities/Special Purposes?


On 23.07.2011 17:50, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
>> I've been thinking about experimenting with a VoIP-only (port/protocol)
>> Tor network, but will never get around to actually do it. It would be
>> interesting to see how a (real world) "only encrypted, well-known ports"
>> Tor network would behave.
> Ironkey has their own Tor-like network in production and people use it.
> [...] Other people have similar networks using Tor and some run
> them as a test network. [...]
> I think it would be really interesting if you ran your own experimental
> Tor network [...]

No, you got me wrong there. I am not speaking about a single entity
running this experiment, but independent entities like for the (large)
Tor network.

I know I can set up custom Tor networks, but it's not really something
that is well explained. I envision it in a way where I can chose what
network I want to become part of - eg. by downloading all/its config
files from some place (client/middle/exit selectable) - and it sets up
the rest.

Also, but this is a whole different disussion and I'll ask it on the Tor
dev meeting - the reason for me to post this is because I tend to forget
things quickly - is: Sorry, I am lazy, there is probably a paper on
this, but why doesn't Tor (aim to) allow both high and low latency traffic?

Moritz Bartl
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