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[tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.9 released - testing and feedback requested!

( The TorDev meeting in Italy is now over - so this is my last release
for a while; this release is dedicated to the developers at JonDos as
they submitted the first totally external patch to TorBirdy. )


TorBirdy 0.0.9 is now out and it's probably safe enough to be used by
mere mortals. It's still quite experimental - of course. Use as your own

Call for help:

We're looking for assistance with Translations - if you'd like to
translate TorBirdy, we'd gladly accept a patch that prepares TorBirdy
for translation work.

Release Highlights:

This release adds a preferences dialog to allow users to use JonDos and
has a few other general bug fixes.

General content anonymity caution note:

TorBirdy has known leaks in the Message-ID and in the Date header, we're
working on merging an upstream patch that will allow these leaks to be
closed. There are no known proxy leaks unless you use additional
extensions that do not respect the proxy settings of Thunderbird

Here's the wiki page for TorBirdy:


Here's the latest XPI for TorBirdy:


Here is a proper GPG signature for the latest XPI:


Here is the sha1sum of torbirdy-0.0.9.xpi:


Here's the plugin on AMO - if you care to use the Mozilla service:



In the near future, I plan to upload a full XPI and GnuPG signature for
every new release to the Tor Project's web server:


All the best,

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