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Re: [tor-talk] hidden service on same location as public service

>& lt;juenca@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> i'm wonder if it makes any sense to allow users to access a public web 
>> server
>> access normal at same time as hidden service on same machine?
> Yes.
> - saves exit bandwidth
> - will continue to work even if all exits are shut down
> - exit policy/ports do not matter
> - more diversity
> - more legitimate hidden services
> - Tor to Tor encryption is an alternative to SSL root CA's
> - maybe: the server's ISP can not find out if the incoming/outgoing traffic 
> is for the domain or from something else, i.e. a filesharing client over Tor

ok sounds good. these r mostly alltrue-istic reasons but my question is more about if it will HELP the user or possibly HURT the user if they have a choice to access the same website on the same server by regular internet or tor hidden service??

sounds like maybe at least it cant hurt

>> The idea not about hiding the location of the server but protect user so
>> server can't know where user comes from (yes, I can also disable 
>> logging)
>> the hidden service docs advise: make sure server isn't view-able on 
>> regular
>> internet, but isnt' there still some use?
> There is some use, see above.
> That advice is to stay anonymous. Not everyone has this goal.

well it's a little bit about USER anonymous (also pausible denialbility), not server. does this still make sense?
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