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Re: [tor-talk] hidden service on same location as public service

>>> i'm wonder if it makes any sense to allow users to access a public 
> web server
>>> access normal at same time as hidden service on same machine?
>> Yes.
>> - saves exit bandwidth
>> - will continue to work even if all exits are shut down
>> - exit policy/ports do not matter
>> - more diversity
> It's also useful to run as an exit enclave for these purposes. You
> configure yourself as an exit but only to your public IP address.
> Then tor nodes will switch to using you to exit to you even when they
> use your non-onion address.
> There are advantages and disadvantages of exit enclaves vs onion
> hosts, but I don't see a reason to not do both on a site which is
> accessible both on the public internet and as a onion hidden service.

ok good that was actually my other question, why run exit enclave if you run a hidden service.

i guess you answered my question.  they service different purpose.

are there no security-related concerns of running both ways?

(actually three ways; regular i-net, hidden service & exit enclave, all on same server for same site content)

only problem is docs make it sound like you have to be more careful setting up for exit enclave

actually docs say this about exit enclave "A great idea but not such a great implementation"

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