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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding stuff

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012, at 15:02, proper wrote:
> antispam06@xxxxxxx:
> > I remember reading about installing more extensions as a bad
> > thing as it might identify a Tor configuration from another. But
> > can't this be hidden?
> Maybe. Would require development which no one wants to take.

In the sense that each extension should be combed for functions that
interact with the nonâlocal or that no developer has a wish to inhibit
extensions from chatting with the exterior?
> > Also, is there a way to tweak the regular Firefox output so that
> > it looks like a Tor browser without being on Tor?
> You can remove all proxy settings in Tor Button and connect directly.
> You will get the Tor Browser fingerprint without using the Tor network.

That's a wonderful idea!
> > To a smart
> > tracker it would be obvious as it doesn't come from a Tor exit
> > relay. Can I set up the given output resolution for example?
> Must be somewhere in Tor Button source code.
> What you want to archive is very difficult. The list of Tor exists is
> public.

Yes. I know the list is public. So that would give away the trick. But
for sites not smart enough would mean hiding identifying data. The
screen resolution and time zone data are the most revealing once flash
and java are disabled. As I have a quite rare screen resolution that
would be the main issue.
> You could chain another proxy (or SSH, or VPN) behind Tor, i.e. Tor ->
> proxy. The proxy must be private, not in some public proxy list. On the
> other hand that's not recommend, since it adds a permanent observer.

No. Just have a regular connection, but make the browser shut up.
> And tweak Tor Browser until it looks like you want or tweak Firefox
> until it adds the security features and looks you like.

I would tweak the regular Firefox, but I have no idea how to stop it
from revealing CPU and system data. Browser ID is just the tip of the
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