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[tor-talk] anyone created an acct on GMX using Tor?

Has anyone successfully created a GMX email acct using Tor? It won't work for me - just get " Sorry, cannot process registration at this time." At lst, it wouldn't let me copy / paste PW twice - 2nd box showed diff # of asterisks & gave PWs don't match error. That session timed out on me.

I set my exit nodes to use US exits & GMX seems to recognize I'm in the U.S. (which I am). Cleared all cookies & cache, created new Tor identity & got new IP address. Went back & tried again & typed simple PW that met minimum criteria.

Still the "cannot process registration..." No explanation why. If it was because I mis typed the captcha, it didn't say so.

If it's worked for others (& maybe they could shed some light), I'll just wait & try much later. Thanks.

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