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Re: [tor-talk] anyone created an acct on GMX using Tor?

On 7/31/2012 7:26 PM, jed c wrote:
This is a wacky idea. No harm in trying though. How about trying something like hidemyass through tor? I know it doesnt really provide anonymity, but maybe it will mask your location long enough to open an account. If you can open the account then reset your password after setup.
Thanks, it's an idea. Don't know that web proxies use different addresses for different users, anymore than Tor does. Worth a shot.

In their auto response that said the "we can't process your request right now" error being from many users sharing one address, they used example of an office or organization that uses one address for whole network. I know they & other providers are trying to prevent spammers, fraud, etc. I'm none of those, but they don't know me from Adam, even if I tell them I'm using Tor.

A lot of sites & services don't like Tor users because they can't tell if you like privacy / anonymity or are up to no good. I guess GMX has caught up w/ Gmail & others, making it hard to create accts using Tor.

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