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[tor-talk] The Treat of Quantum Computing and Annealing, and a possible solution - NTRU for Tor

Do governments already have a 1M bit Quantum Annealer (like the DWave),
capable of breaking RSA and ECC?

Well, there's an open source implementation, NTRU, which is not known to be
susceptible to Shor's algorithm (and by extension Quantum Computation),
being lattice-based.


There is a patent held which can stop commercial implementations. What is
stopping Tor from supporting NRTU?

   1. Patent issues? I'm sure Tor can get a letter to rule out future
   2. Perhaps having an NRTU exchange over TLS may alert authorities to use
   of Tor?
      1. Double encryption may be required here, until NRTU becomes common
      place on the web.
      2. Or perhaps, staggered hand-shake, starting with RSA - a slight
      change to an existing algorithm, such as RSA can be used, such
that the RSA
      is indicated for use, but then after establishing a data connection, NRTU
      is elected and established over RSA. Following establishment, then data
      stream will be NRTU - presumably indistinguishable from RSA,
being a cipher

Cryptography is a hobby of mine

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