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[tor-talk] Silly question regarding private keys

Hello all, please help me understanding this:

supposed, the NSA were able to break into a large scale of tor nodes, stealing the tor private server key. At the same time they were able to gather all traffic they can get. Wouldnt this increase the likelihood that data from complete circuits can be decrypted and traced back to the original sender?

Maybe this is paranoid, but this arises the question for me: what would happen when I stop my tor node once a week, throw away my keys and restart tor so that new server keys were generated. So NSA would have to break into my system again, but this would make it harder for NSA agency to decrypt circuits where my host is involved.

What were the disadvantages for the tor network? Would this confuse the tor director in any way?
Would it be able to keep the nickname or would it have to change also?
Would this have effect on the onion address if I had a hidden server?

Please enlighten me regarding these questions

Thomas Hluchnik

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